Natalia + Rob

A beautiful day filled with sun and laughter hosted this wonderful wedding of Natalia and Rob. With well-wishers coming from near and far, the newly weds celebrated their intimate nuptials with an elegant reception held in the garden amongst a menagerie of beautiful flowers. This was a wedding to a remember and I was honored to be a part of their day.

Baby Lenny’s 1st Birthday

Baby Lenny “The Prince” turns 1 year old today.  Fitting of the prince, his majesty donned a crown given to him by his mother and he rode his red wagon chariot around his kingdom in a victory celebration of his first year on Earth.  Mom and Dad were there to celebrate as everyone ate cake…Marie Antoinette would be so proud.  Congratulations and all hail the prince on his first birthday.

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Music: The Ladder, Andrew Belle

Upstate New York Bridal Shower

A beautiful bridal shower nestled in a cozy village in upstate New York. Family and friends gathered to wish Lindsay the best as she prepares to embark on a new life together with her groom-to-be, Ben. The setting was perfect, the food and drink flowed with the guests and even the good weather paid its respects that day.

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Music (in the order it appears): The Recessional, A New Normal; 5 Years Time, Noah & The Whale.

Spring Time!

Spring is here and in full swing!  So you know we had to make a short dedicated to the season of flowers, strollers, and the start of warm weather.  Yay!  So get your running gear on and run with us as we sprint into Spring with all the fun and pizzaz that the season has to offer. Woof-woof!!

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Music: Palos Verdes by Riley and the Roxies

Samantha’s Bridal Shower

A beautiful day and beautiful bridal shower! Samantha has her day in the sun, being showered in love and gifts from family and friends. The gifts overflowed the table, but it was the love in the room that filled the entire space. The day was such a treat that even the groom-to-be couldn’t resist making a cameo… Congrats to them both!

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Music: Best Day of Your Life, Katie Herzig